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Only at The H Company can you get the most advanced symptomatic hemorrhoid treatment products developed by a leading expert in the field. These products combine the best of conventional medicine with natural herbal components to provide you with fast, soothing relief and advanced healing.

We also supply diet supplements to help promote bowel regularity. And finally, we offer The H Book; a special educational booklet for anyone that suffers from hemorrhoid problems.

H-Releve Moisturizing Cream: Fast acting cream that provides relief to irritated skin around the anus. Contains special ingredients such as aloe vera gel, zinc oxide and Horse Chestnut flower extract.

H-Releve Anti-Itch Cream: Especially effective for anal itch. Contains corticosteroids and special herbs for fast relief.

H-Releve Hemorrhoidal Cream: Fast acting for painful hemorrhoids. Contains herbs and lidocaine to give you immediate relief.

H-Releve Anorectal Dietary Health Supplement: These capsules help promote bowel regularity. Contains natural fiber and dietary elements such as psyllium, bilberry fruit, ginger root, Witch Hazel and oat straw.

The H Book: Concise and complete information about hemorrhoid symptom causes and solutions. This is a comprehensive overview about all the aspects of hemorrhoid disease. Also included is a special chapter on natural herbal remedies for hemorrhoid care.